9 Eco-friendly Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are a dirty business! Sure they're fun in the moment, but there's a negative environmental impact when all those little plastic toys just end up in the landfill. Are there more eco-friendly options? Yes! As more and more people become aware of the importance of protecting the environment, eco-friendly party favors are gaining popularity. Here are 9 ideas for eco-friendly party favors that will make your child's birthday party both fun and sustainable.

1. Paper or cotton party favor bags

Give each child a paper bag or reusable tote bag instead of a plastic party favor bag. Paper bags can be recycled, and the tote bags can be used to carry books, snacks, and other items, and can help reduce the need for disposable plastic bags. Cotton and paper bags come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, so you can choose one that fits the party theme.

2. Recycled paper notebooks

Provide each child with a small notebook made from recycled paper. These notebooks can be used to write, draw, and express creativity. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be decorated with stickers or other embellishments.

3. DIY friendship bracelets

Kids love friendship bracelets. Your child can get creative before the party and make colorful friendship bracelets for each guest from colorful cotton embroidery string. The colors can match the party theme and you can even embellish the bracelets with shells, beads, or charms.

4. Eco-friendly art supplies

Provide kids with eco-friendly art supplies, such as chalk, soy-based crayons, recycled paper, and non-toxic paints. This helps reduce waste and exposure to harmful chemicals.

5. Wooden pencils or colored pencils

Wooden pencils are always a good party favor. They come in lots of colors and designs, plus kids can take them to school.

6. Natural play dough

Make homemade play dough using natural ingredients such as flour, salt, and food coloring. You can package the play dough in reusable containers or small glass jars.

7. Seed bombs

Make seed bombs using compost, clay, and flower seeds. Kids can throw them in their backyard or a community garden and watch them grow into flowers. Plus pollinators like humming birds, bees, butterflies, and moths will love them! 

8. Reusable metal straws

Include a reusable metal straw in each party favor bag. Your guests can use them at the party, then bring them home to reuse again and again. The straws come in several colors to match your party theme. They're nice for the party and nice for the planet.

9. Cookies

Make them at home or order from a local baker, either way, cookies are always a hit. Local bakers are often very talented at creating cookies to match any party theme or colors. The cookies can be wrapped in a wax paper bag to avoid plastic wrapping too. Send each guest home with a cookie and you'll see lots of smiles. 

Small eco-friendly choices make a big impact.

Choosing eco-friendly party favors for your child's birthday party can be a great way to teach them about sustainability and the importance of protecting the environment. Look for items that are made from non-toxic or biodegradable materials like wood, cotton, paper, bamboo, and hemp. Above all else, try to avoid plastic because 95% of plastic is not recyclable! With these ideas, you can have a fun and sustainable party that both kids and parents will enjoy, and you won't feel guilty because you're not handing out all that plastic.

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