Let’s Talk Cake: Austin’s Best Custom Cake Bakers

If you're on the hunt for the perfect centerpiece for your special occasion, look no further than Austin's best custom cake makers. These culinary artisans possess the magical ability to turn flour, sugar, and imagination into edible works of art that not only delight the taste buds but also mesmerize with their amazing designs.

Whether you're envisioning a tiered masterpiece or a simple smash cake, Austin's custom cake makers have got you covered. Listed in alphabetical order as they are all too good to rank, we have served up the best of the best of Austin’s bakers, each bringing their own unique flair and passion to the art of cake making in the heart of Texas.

  • Cakes Rock!!! – This baking team’s creations are so incredible, they’ve been featured on Food Network, Netflix, and the Cooking Channel. If you can dream it, they can sculpt it into a cake. Cakes Rock!!! Custom cake prices start at $81.36.
  • Custom Merry Cakes – Based in Round Rock, the baker behind Custom Merry Cakes will bring your themed vision to life. From beautiful cupcake cakes to creative and super realistic sculpted cakes, Custom Merry Cakes is one of the best. Custom cake prices start at $85.
  • Glace Cakes – Specializing in themed kids cakes, Glace Cakes’ cakes taste just as good as they look. Chef Daniela Arini and her team use the most incredible detail to make sure your custom creation will the talk of the party. Custom cake prices start at $200.
  • Simply Cake – Based in Bee Cave, this baker is truly an artist of the craft. From realistic creations that will have your guests wondering, “is this cake?” to whimsical and flowery number cakes, she is the go-to baker on the West side. Bonus, Simply Cake is also willing to work with any dietary needs. Cupcakes start as low as $24 per dozen.
  • Sugar Mamas – This South Austin staple has been voted by Austinites to have the Best Birthday Cakes by Austin Chronicle. We must agree, they are incredibly delicious and creative too. Cake prices start at $27.
  • Que Bueno Bakery – We can proudly claim that Que Bueno is Austin’s Best Vegan Baker. Although everything they bake is allergy-friendly, you and your guests will never know it – these cakes are muy bueno! Cakes start at $65.

Thanks for joining us on this delicious cake walk through Austin’s best custom cake bakers. We trust any one of these to create the perfect centerpiece for your next birthday celebration.

Photo by Cakes Rock!!!

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