Toy Trend Alert: 25 of the Most Adorable Squishable Plushies

25 stuffed toys, so cute you’ll want to collect all of them.

One of the hottest toy trends this year is a soft and squishy stuffy. From babies and toddlers, to kids, tweens, teens, and college kids (and let’s face it, adults too); everyone is in love with these Kawaii art inspired soft toys.

We have the best collection of the cutest, most adorable and squishable plushies available-- from small sizes that fit in your hand, to extra large sizes that make the comfiest pillows for your bed or fort. This type of food and animal character design comes from Kawaii art. It's a style of art from Japan that is all about the culture of cuteness. For this hot toy trend, kids are choosing huggable and squeezable food items, like mushrooms, avocados, sandwiches, cookies, donuts, and ice cream. They're also loving pudgy cats, smiling flowers, and silly venus fly traps. Each plushie on our list of 25 stuffed toys is sure to be a winner.

  1. Squishable Pink Mushroom  
  2. Squishable Avocado
  3. Squishable Venus Fly Trap
  4. Yummy Gummies Plush
  5. Anirollz Banana Pandaroll 
  6. Anirollz Foxiroll 
  7. Anirollz Strawberry Kittiroll  
  8. Squishable Avocado Rainbow 
  9. Squishables Luna Moth 
  10. Anirollz Puppiroll  
  11. Sugar Cookies Plush 
  12. Squash Buddies Donut Scented Plush

  13. Anirollz Nissin Cup Noodles Pandaroll 
  14. Anirollz Nissin Cup Noodles Foxiroll 
  15. Hello Breakfast Mini Waffles Plush
  16. Pusheen The Cat
  17. Jellycat Amuseables Boild Egg 
  18. Jellycat Fleury Daisy 
  19. Jellycat Irresistible Ice Cream Mint 
  20. Lunch Break Furry and Fleece Plush 
  21. Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie 
  22. Jellycat Amuseable Sandwich 
  23. Jellycat Amuseables Sun 
  24. Douglas The Pug Donut Macaroon
  25. Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Peach 

If you're looking for a more traditional stuffed animal, we have those too! Visit our extensive collection of stuffed animals and plushies. We're always adding new plush friends to our collection.

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