Wipe Clean Workbook: Starting Spelling: An introduction to spelling with 48 pages of practical exercises to do many times over

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Priddy Books' Wipe Clean Workbook: Starting Spelling is the perfect introduction to spelling for young children. With flip-over pages and a wipe-clean pen, children aged 5-7 can complete the exercises and then wipe the pages clean and practice again and again!

With 48 pages of engaging activities, this workbook covers a range of topics taught in the syllabus such as the alphabet, phonics, CVC words, letter sounds, vowels and consonants, and much more. Learning is even more fun with the crosswords, word searches, code cracking, and memory quizzes in this book.

Approved by educational consultants, every page is filled with familiar words to practice spelling, which will develop children's pen control, reading and comprehension skills, and attention span.