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Because Partydip makes it fun! We also make it easy for kids to wish for the experiences they actually want and feel like they're really receiving them with our easy to use gift messaging tools.

Yes, Partydip charges a fee of $1 per experience to power the platform and cover transaction fees. Fees are paid by the gift giver who is funding the experience - it is not taken out of the funds received by the gift recipient. Further, small businesses do not pay any fees to be listed as experiences on our platform.

We developed our Partydip Experiences for two main reasons: support local businesses and support busy parents.

We spoke to dozens of small businesses, and while they loved our mission and vision, they did not love the idea of vouchers. Voucher add significant complexity for small business owners, so many were understandably hesitant to come on board.

We also spoke to hundreds of parents, and they loved the idea of gift experiences. But, they also scowled at the thought of vouchers. As parents we have so many gift cards, coupons, membership cards -- it's all so difficult to keep track of.

Partydip is intended to make local gifting easier for all parties. That's why we switched to a system where gift givers can fund experiences and recipients can purchase those experiences directly from the vendor at their convenience.

Absolutely, we do not discourage purchasing directly from the small business. In fact, we list our small businesses websites on their product pages. Please note that any purchases made outside of the Partydip website will not be reflected on the registry page so duplicate purchases may occur.

All experience gift purchased made on Partydip are non-refundable. If the gift recipient is unhappy with their gift, they are welcome to spend the cash funds wherever they'd like and at their convenience.

No, the experiences listed on our site are listed at the same price that you will pay at the local businesses - they are not discounted. The local business may change their price at any time without notice, which may render our listed prices inaccurate.

Our overall purpose is to connect you to local businesses, making it easier to discover and support your local community.


You will see a link to your digital invitation in your order confirmation email. It may take up to 3 hours for your digital invite to be ready to download.

While our digital invites are intended to distributed to family and friends via text or email, we provide you with a hi-resolution print so that you may print it at home or use a third-party service.

The hi-res quality is the reason that your digital invite may take up to 3 hours to download.

We do not accept returns on digital invitations. If you have an error or would like your digital invitation modified, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your issue!

Print invitations are mailed directly to you and usually deliver within 10 business days. Be sure to include the correct address on your order so they arrive to you in a timely manner.

As printed invites are customized and made to order, we are unable to accept returns except for printer errors or damaged goods. Please contact us to resolve.


Our birthday shirts typically arrive within 10 business days. Although expensive, we are able to expedite shipping at a higher cost. Contact us to inquire.

As birthday shirts are made to order, we are unable to accept returns on birthday shirts unless the shirt has a printing defect or shipping damage. In case of defect or damage, please contact us to resolve.

At this time we do not ship birthday shirts internationally, we only ship to locations in the USA.


Purchases made from Learning Tree Toys will ship within 1-3 business days excluding weekends and federal holidays. Packages generally deliver within 7 business days from the date of shipment. You will receive tracking information once your package has shipped.

At this time, toys are only shipped to locations in the USA.


Purchases made from Ellie's Party Supply will ship within 1-3 business days excluding weekends and federal holidays. Packages generally deliver within 8 calendar days from the date of shipment. You will receive tracking information via email once your package has shipped.

We do not ship supplies internationally at this time only to locations in the USA.


Once you've contacted a vendor or venue, they will be immediately notified of your request. The vendor or venue will contact you directly via email or phone.

We will also follow up with you about one week after contacting the venue to ensure that you've received a response.

You will schedule and pay for the venue or vendor services directly with the venue or vendor. Partydip does not manage any scheduling or payment for venues and vendor services.

We are currently accepting vendor applications for all markets. However, we are only live in Austin, Asheville, and Houston at this time. To apply to be listed, please contact us here.